2013-14 Begins

The Schedule (so far) to Nov 1st Opening

 If you are free, drop in and help. No skill necessary  AND you will get a first hand view of the process of making ice.  

  •  On Wednesday evening @ 7PM we will be going in to clear out the ice shed & organize the storage areas. Contact Joan Cameron (667-3686)
  • On Thursday evening @ 7PM we will wash the floor with a mixture of vinegar and water.  Bring a mop and bucket. Contact Joan Cameron (667-3686)
  • On Monday, September 30th the compressor will be started by Black & MacDonald.
  • On Tuesday, October 1st, the first flood will be put on.  From this day forward to the Nov 1st opening there will be something to be done every day. Contact Cecil (660-2028)

Any help you can give would be great.

Example :   ½ hour controlling the hose for the person doing a flood

 Email club or call Joan/Cecil or just drop in to see what is going on.


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