The County of Cumberland and the Town of Amherst have come together to provide the funding for a set of Lite Rocks for our Club. It is through their commitment of funding and the donation of leadership time by members of the Club that we are going to be allowed to offer this program to any students of Cumberland and Amherst. These Lite Rocks are on order and will be here before the beginning of the curling season.

Scan of Jr. Poster 2013

All Sunday Night Challenge League can access the Membership Forms by going to the following link.  MEMBERSHIP FORM 2013-14 SUNDAY LEAGUE

All members of the Amherst Curling Club who wish to get a membership form can go to:    MEMBERSHIP FORM 2013-14

All Sunday night curlers can find the rules for this League by using the following link.

Challenge League Rules

Mission accomplished on our list of “dos” last night and in jig time :)   Tonight we are going to vacuum and scrub the floor of the ice shed with vinegar and water. If you are free, bring your bucket and mop and join the rest of us.  We are also going to wipe the dust off of the banners in preparation for the guys to get them back to hanging in the ice shed.

Here is a link to click on if you want to read the Codiac Curling Supplies Newsletter.

Codiac Curling Supplies Newsletter

The Schedule (so far) to Nov 1st Opening

 If you are free, drop in and help. No skill necessary  AND you will get a first hand view of the process of making ice.  

  •  On Wednesday evening @ 7PM we will be going in to clear out the ice shed & organize the storage areas. Contact Joan Cameron (667-3686)
  • On Thursday evening @ 7PM we will wash the floor with a mixture of vinegar and water.  Bring a mop and bucket. Contact Joan Cameron (667-3686)
  • On Monday, September 30th the compressor will be started by Black & MacDonald.
  • On Tuesday, October 1st, the first flood will be put on.  From this day forward to the Nov 1st opening there will be something to be done every day. Contact Cecil (660-2028)

Any help you can give would be great.

Example :   ½ hour controlling the hose for the person doing a flood

 Email club or call Joan/Cecil or just drop in to see what is going on.