March, 2016

Senior’s second half results

Senior's second half results

Round#3 – Jan 4 to Jan 18 Winners: Skip, Roger Bacon, 3rd. Kathy Craib, 2nd. Walter Curry, Lead Glen Hudson Runners-Up: Skip Ron Hoeg, 3rd. Carter Levy, 2nd. Marjorie Brown, Lead Ron Estabrooks (No Pic) Round#4 – Jan 25 to  Feb 12 Winners: Skip Steve Cameron, 3rd. Cindy Cameron, 2nd. Linda Harrison, Lead Arnold Blenkhorn   Runners-Up: Skip Kathy Craib, 3rd Susan Hudson, 2nd. Brian Trenholm, Lead Debbie Shipley   Round#5 BACON Par 3 Feb 24 – Mar 9, 2016 Winners: Skip, Steve Cameron,  3rd. Susan Hudson, 2nd. Brian Shipley,  Lead Debbie Shipley   Runners-Up: Skip, Brian Faught,  3rd. Carter Levy, 2nd. Alan Baldock / Alice […]

Ladies Hotshots Competition

Ladies Hotshots Competition - Rhonda Perry (Underfoot Flooring) & Joan Cameron

The Annual Ladies hotshots competition sponsored by Underfoot Flooring was played March 22nd, 2016 with 21 ladies participating. The results were: 1st: Joan Cameron with 18 points (out of a potential 30) 2nd: Sandra Blenkhorn with 17 points 3rd: Alice Duxbury with 16 points Thanks to Rhonda Perry (Underfoot Flooring) for organizing. Everyone had a great time. Congratulations Joan!    

Carter’s Sports Cresting Bonspiel 2016 Results

Carter’s Sports Cresting Bonspiel 2016

Carter’s Sports Cresting Bonspiel 2016 Results The annual Amherst Curling Club, Year End Mixed Bonspiel, sponsored by Carter’s Sports Cresting, took place on March 18/19, 2016. 12 Teams entered the event. Winners – Kathleen Trites, Lary Trites, Ron Sutherland, Jane Bradley 1st Runner-Up – Kathy Craib, Ed Gogan, Rob LeMoine, Cindy Cameron A Division Winner – Paul Hawkes, Denise Demone, John Greer, Theresa Hawkes, (spare Ted MacKinnon) B Division Winner – Robin Keith, Rhonda Perry, Jeff Morris, Kerry Lee Morris-Cormier and spares Door Prize Winner – Lary Trites, StormTec Jacket 50/50 Winner – Karen Rushton Raffle Prizes: Joanne Carter – McDonald’s […]

President’s vs Vice President’s Trophy

President's vs Vice President's Trophy

President’s vs Vice President’s Trophy During the month of January and February, the Men’s League played their draw for the annual President’s vs Vice President’s Trophy. This years winner of the Double Round Robin event was the team of Paul Hawkes, Brian Faught, John Greer and Paul Coulter (missing from photo).  

Carter’s Sports Cresting Bonspiel

Carter’s Sports Cresting Bonspiel

The annual Year-End Mixed Curling Bonspiel, sponsored by Carter’s Sports Cresting, will be running this weekend at the Amherst Curling Club. The First Draw starts Friday evening approximately 6:00 PM with a second draw starting around 7:30 PM. DJ Dan will be entertaining everyone from 8:30 till closing Friday night. Saturday’s action begins at 9:00 AM with the Champions ship games scheduled for 6:00 PM. The kitchen will be open for the afternoon and everyone is welcome to drop by and enjoy the action and entertainment.