Amherst Curling Club 2020 Return to Play Guidelines

October 25, 2020

What can I expect when I go curling in the fall 2020 at the Amherst Curling Club?

Before you leave home, ask yourself, “Am I feeling well? Any symptoms of COVID?” It is better to err on
the side of caution and miss the game if you are not feeling well. You are being considerate of others
and we appreciate that. Just let your skip know that you will not be curling. It is still ultimately the
player’s responsibility to find a replacement player (spare), if possible. Spare players will be listed on
your draw sheets.

As access to locker rooms is not currently allowed under NS Health Care Guidelines, you will need to
arrive at the Club dressed to curl. Keep in mind that with all the new protocols, you should arrive
twenty minutes prior to your game time to ensure Game Coordinators can maintain league start times.

When you arrive at the Club, please ensure you have a mask on covering your mouth and nose before
entering the building. You must use the boot cleaner and the hand sanitizer in the lobby prior to
proceeding inside the lounge. There will be an information board located in the lobby as well.

Once you have entered the lounge you should proceed to the table assigned to your ice for your game.
Example if you are playing on Ice 1 for your game, then you should take a seat at Table 1 and leave your
outdoor clothing and boots at this location. Once seated you may remove your mask. The Game
Coordinator or another representative will be at the lounge entrance to direct players to their
associated tables for the draw and take attendance for contact tracing purposes.

Should you want a pre-game beverage you may do so by wearing your mask and allowing for social
distancing of two meters as you line up at the bar. Markings will be placed on the floor to assist in
distancing. Once you have ordered, please step to the side bar area to await your order. Once you have
your beverage you must return to your assigned seat prior to removing your mask and consuming your

As game time approaches, the Game Coordinator will announce the time for each team’s designated
member to proceed to the ice shed to clean their team’s rock handles. Cleaning cloths and cleaner will
be located on a table near the entrance to the ice shed. You will spray the cleaner on the cleaning cloth
and then proceed to the ice shed. Do not take the cleaner spray bottle into the ice shed.

The hammer will be predetermined by the Game Coordinator and will be noted on the draw sheet.
Teams with hammer will automatically throw blue stones.

Once the rock handle cleaning is complete, the Games Coordinator will announce the ice is ready and
advise Table 1 to proceed to the ice shed, then Table 2, and so on, to allow for distancing while using the
boot cleaner and entering the ice shed. Please remember you are required to wear your mask until you
have arrived at your ice sheet.

Remember no more handshakes, just “good curling” wishes. Please only touch the rocks that are your
own for the game with your hands. Other player’s rocks can be moved by a foot or a broom.
Remember to allow distancing when you are not throwing stones.
Measuring sticks have been removed from the ice shed. Mates must determine the result for each end
and the predetermined mate (decided amongst the two mates) will mark the score. This same
predetermined mate will be responsible for cleaning the score cards at the end of the game, prior to
replacing the score cards back in their holder.

When your game is finished, you will assist with pushing the stones back to their spaces using your
broom or foot. You will put your mask back on, thank your opposing team members and return to the
lounge. Again, keep in mind distancing and try to avoid congestion upon leaving the ice. The
bartender(s) will be awaiting the winners while the remainder of the players will take their seats at their
assigned table. Masks may be removed when seated.

When it is time for you to head home, you will put on your mask along with your outdoor clothing and
proceed out of the building. Again, you are reminded to avoid congestion in the doorways when

Other noteworthy information:

If you are only observing the game, please take a seat at one of the chairs placed in front of the windows
and then remove your mask. If you need to move throughout the club for any reason you must wear
your mask and social distance. Guests will be asked to sign a COVID Declaration form and provide
contact information for contact tracing purposes.

There will only be the new single washroom on the main floor available for use at this time.

Only club brooms, step-on sliders, and delivery aids will be available to members. If you need to use a
club broom, you must clean the handle before and after using it and return it to its storage rack. If you
use the club delivery aids, e.g. crutches, they will be available to sign out and will be numbered as they
cannot be shared during the game. The user must clean their borrowed delivery aid before and after
playing and return to its designated area. Members are strongly encouraged to have their own

You may not share food at your tables.

Please be kind. Please be patient. Everyone will be trying their best as we adopt to our new
procedures. We recognize that everyone has a different level of risk tolerance during this time. We
are working diligently to ensure everyone remains safe and healthy as we return to play.