8th Annual Charity Curling Challenge

8th Annual Charity Curling Challenge looking to raise $25,000 to fight cancer in CumberlandCounty

With $74,989 raised for local charities since 2006, the Guys are hoping to raise over $25,000 with this years event which will be held on Friday March 1st at the Amherst Curling Club starting at 5 PM. Money raised this year will be going to the Cumberland County Hospice Palliative Care Society and the Cancer Navigator Fund.

  • 2012 – Palliative Care – $15,016.00
  • 2011 – Palliative Care – $16,089.99
  • 2010 – Cancer Navigator Fund – $15,251.01
  • 2009 – Cumberland      County Hospice Palliative Care – 2009, $11,090.00CumberlandCounty Hospice Palliative Care Society –      $11,090.00
  • 2008 – Palliative Care – $11,037.00
  • 2007 – Special Olympics, $4,450.00
  • 2006 – Autum House, $2,055.00

“It’s really amazing”, said Carl LeBlanc skip of the Better Lookin’ Guys. “We live in a generous and caring community and we are so thankful for the support the community has given us over the years. When we started this event, we thought we might be able to raise $1,000.” “It started as a bet”, said Robert Bird, mate for the Don Smith team known as the Good Lookin’ Guys. “We all agreed to put up $100 each, winner take all. Then we decided that the winning team would donate the prize money to a local charity”.

“We’re just having fun”, said Good Lookin’ Guy Joe Dupuis, “and up until this year we have never had any fundraising targets. This year the Guys want to see if we can reach the $100,000 mark in money raised, and we hope for a big turnout on March 1st.”

“Cancer is a nasty disease that has touched us all”, said Better Lookin’ Guy Curt Speight. “When we started raising money for Palliative Care and other cancer related local charities the amount of money we raised really took off.”

Mitch Estabrooks and Stu Colson round out the Better Lookin’ Guys, and Ernie Crowe is the lead for the Good Lookin’ Guys. “The real winners are the local charities,” said Carl LeBlanc. “We’re all very fortunate, and it’s important to give something back to the local community.”

This years contest takes place on Friday March 1st starting a 5PM at the Amherst Curling Club. The Guys always have a few surprises planned and this year will be no different. Donations can be made in Amherst at the A&W, the Amherst Curling Club or by contacting anyone of the Guys.

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