A few updates

The Seniors are off to River Hebert for a “Home & Home” on Friday morning. The Mixed League will be continuing their regular schedule tonight and it doesn’t appear that there is anything going on at the Club this weekend so the ice is free.  Check the Mixed Board for “Curl & Pizza” on Friday night. ARHS is coming in on 2 different days for an hour each and EB Chandler has inquired about times that they could come in before the end of the season. The Border League has finished its 2nd week of playdowns. The Ladies are continuing their regular schedule next Tuesday after the break for “The Hotshots”. The Men on Monday night are into their last round of the season and all Leagues are now making plans for their closing. The sign-up sheet is on the Mixed Board for “The Club Championships”. This is a single person entry. There is still room for your team in the last fundraiser on ice….The Carter’s….Contact Peter Rushton as soon as possible so he can finalize his plans. Looks like a Fun event…..Food and Music is always good :)

Where did the season go!!!!!!!  I am just getting into form and want all the time I can get on the ice before it is all over…I am panicing…..lol

PS: The Pancake Luncheon has been postpomed as there are conflicts with other events in town and will be rescheduled. Will let you know the new date when I hear.

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