Amherst Curling Schedule

Amherst Curling ScheduleAmherst Curling Schedule

We encourage people to check the interactive Amherst Curling Schedule below regularly for date and times of all Amherst leagues as well as special events and facility rentals taking place at the club.

By default the club calendar has been set to Monthly, however clicking on the Week link below will change the club calendar for you. Use the blue buttons with white arrows found along the top of the calendar to change the month or week. Clicking on an event under any day will open up a small pop-up containing more details about that draw or event taking place that day. If you have any questions then let us know and we will do the best to help out.

Click here for details on all of the Amherst Curling leagues, or simply ask any of the friendly members at the Amherst Curling Club.