Club Membership

Amherst Curling Club Membership

The Amherst Curling Club is a member-owned, four-sheet curling facility. We offer a fun relaxing atmosphere where you can have fun, socialize, keep fit and stay active. Regardless if you are a new to curling or are a more experienced curler, we offer a variety of different memberships levels curling from beginners to competitive and hope to see you on the ice or around the club soon!

  • 2Full Membership $400.00 – For individual members who would like to enjoy curling in multiple leagues
  • Husband/Wife Full Membership $720.00 – For couples who would like to enjoy curling in multiple leagues
  • First Year Full Membership $265.00 – for people who have not been a member of any curling club in the last 3 years
  • One Night Membership –$265.00 – For curlers playing in one evening league per week
  • Junior Membership $115.00
  • Social Membership $50.00

All memberships require a signed waiver form and fees include all taxes.

Amherst Curling Club Membership Form

Click here to download a 2017-2018 Membership Form or drop by the Amherst Curling Club and pick up a paper copy.



Curling shoes for sale

Curling shoes for sale

One of our members has a couple pair of curling shoes for sale. For more information, contact: John Greer ph 902 664-7349 [email protected]   (New) Balance Plus Series 400 Men’s Size 9 Right Hand 3/8” Teflon sliders Toe/Heal Has finish on toe, done by The Curling Store $ 22 value. Comes with extra insoles. Price: $165 tax in.   (Used) good condition Balance Plus Right Hand / Men’s size 8 Full 1/4” Teflon Slider Toe Finish by “The Curling Store” New Gripper included. Price: $55 tax in.