Curling with Covid-19

The Amherst Curling Club is aware of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and we are taking extra precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus at the club this year to help protect our members, and guests.

Members, please review the Return To Play Guidelines.

Effective Oct. 1, the number of people who can participate in sports related activities without physical distancing will increase from 10 to 50.

Face masksFace mask clarification – Nova Scotia Curling has been told that face masks, while mandatory in any indoor space, remain the choice of the individual while on the ice surface. Should they leave the ice surface for any reason, a face mask needs to be worn. All other Health Guidelines remain in place.

NS Curling is working with both PEI and NB to ensure our rules of play are as consistent as possible.

If the epidemiology changes in Nova Scotia, we all need to be prepared to adapt to current restrictions and Guidelines.

Curling with Covid-19