Hot Shot Winners

18 ladies came out for a great evening..Stephanie Morris had a “HOT” night. She was the winner of the Hot Shots Trophy 2013.  “Congrats to you Steph:)” 

Janice Amos and Lisa Vogles tied for second and Debbie Creamer took third place.Thanks Steve Dobson, Ray Fowler and Robin Keith for  setting up the rocks and keeping the scores. Thank You President Deb (Creamer) for dragging the rocks so the ice wasn’t so heavy. The food was GREAT girls and a nice way to finish off the evening :)     Underfoot Flooring has sponsored this event for a number of years and we thank Rhonda & Alan for continuing to support this fun night for the ladies.  Can you believe it!!!  There were lots of cameras there and we didn’t get a picture. I will get one at the closing dinner or sooner :)

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