Lite Rocks Registration this morning.

Lite Rocks registration was held this morning between 10 and 12. Parents/Guardians were down to the Club to have a look around, get information and register. If you know of anyone who might be interested in this new NSCA Program contact Joan Cameron @ 667-3686. The program will begin on Nov. 2nd from 9AM to 10:30AM. The cost  is $100 to be paid all at once or $50 on registration and $50 half way through. The Club is providing the equipment. (see the poster farther back in the blog)

The new Lite Rocks were delivered this week. They are the same size as the regular stones but weigh 1/2 as much. They are also out in the ice shed cooling off.


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  1. Matt Thomson says:

    Are you, by any chance, selling off any older style “Little Rocks”? I’m trying to outfit my backyard rink (nearest club is 50+ miles away) and am trying to find something a little more economical than a set of LiteRocks. I was thinking that if you just took shipment of some new gear then you might be selling off some older items.

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