What’s Happening at the Amherst Curling Club?

The Amherst Curling Club Welcomes You to our upcoming 19/20 season!

Online RegistrationAmherst Curling Club

Returning and new members can now register online using the Curling IO program, run by the Canadian Curling Association.

New curlers will need to create a curler profile, returning curlers simply need to use the same e-mail as last year, and your profile info should already be there . After that, you can purchase memberships and lockers from the “products” page, and sign up for leagues from the “leagues” page. Several curler profiles can be managed from one email account, making it convenient for youth and family curlers.

Just click on the membership button, and away you’ll go!

Check out these registration related notes if you need any assistance with the registration process, contact anyone from the club, or phone 902-667-2667 to leave a message.

We look forward to seeing you on the ice.

Getting Ready to Curl

Tip #1
Does your gripper need to be replaced? Old grippers peel on the inside then leave debris all over the ice. These bits leave picks on the surface causing havoc with your shots and makes for dirty ice.

So replace your grippers once a year and your teammates and icemaker will be grateful.

See Peter Rushton, our resident Pro Shop provider, for a new one!

Tip #2
Broom heads can also leave debris on the ice surface. According to YouTube you can put them in the dishwasher. But don’t take my word for it!

Small hand brushes are available at the club for a quick clean during a game.

New brush heads can be purchased from Peter Rushton or Google how to wash your broom head.

Thank You Volunteers

There are too many volunteers to name individually, but thanks to Paul Hawkes and his team for their hard work completing the necessary renovations this summer. The ice rink looks amazing!

A big applause goes to Paul Cormier for organizing the beer garden this past August. Thanks to Paul and all the volunteers for their continued support.

Congratulations Peter Rushton!

Peter was the successful ice-maker applicant. Tentatively October 4th will be the start-up date to to install the ice with curling to begin the last week of October. Wishing the process goes well and on time.

2019/20 Board of Directors

  • President – Paul Hawkes
  • Past President – Ron Davis
  • Vice President -Tim Lawrence
  • Treasurer – Robin Keith
  • Secretary -Susan Rector
  • Board Members: Paul Cormier, Rob Lemoine, Larry Pederson, and John Greer

Upcoming Events:

Fall General Meeting
October 15th @ 7PM

2019/20 Open House

Date to be TBA

BOD Meeting

November 17th @ 7PM