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The Border League plays on Wednesday nights at both the Sackville and Amherst Curling Clubs. It is team entry league intended for a more competitive curlers. For more information see the Border League page.

Border League Schedule

Amherst / Sackville Border League

The Amherst / Sackville Border League schedule for the 2018/2019 season is now available here:

Border League 2018-2019 Schedule

Cross Border League is Looking for more Teams

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The Border League anticipates having one or more vacancies for the 2018/19 season, to reach the full complement of 16 teams, and will be accepting team applications until September 30.

To apply, a team must have at least four players who are full members of either Sackville or Amherst curling clubs.

The Border League season consists of a round robin portion from November until late February, and then playoffs involving all teams in two divisions that runs until late March.

An entry fee of $25 per player is collected at the beginning of curling, and includes admission to the year-end banquet.

Any interested teams who have not already applied please contact Michael Bass or Lisa Vogels


Amherst / Sackville Border League

The Amherst / Sackville Border League play has started and the schedule for this season is now available.

Amherst / Sackville Border League Schedule


Border League  Teams

Team # 1 Howie Gray
Team # 2 Peter Rushton
Team # 3 Ray Fowler
Team # 4 Michael Bass
Team # 5 Robert Fillmore
Team # 6 Doug Oulton
Team # 7 Kathy Craib
Team # 8 George Anderson
Team # 9 Kathleen Trites
Team # 10 Carl Leblanc
Team # 11 Keith Brownell
Team # 12 Sue Seaborne
Team # 13 Lester Wah
Team # 14 Rhonda Perry


Contact Info

Sackville Curling Club 506-536-0880

Amherst Curling Club 902-667-2667

Border League Committee

Lisa Gilbert, Jon Estabrooks, Peter Rushton, Keith Brownell, Michael Bass