Ladies Hotshots Competition

Ladies Hotshots Competition

The Annual Ladies hotshots competition sponsored by Underfoot Flooring was played recently. Congratulations to the 2017 winner: Marjorie Brown. There were 17 ladies participating in the competition this year. Alice Mae came in second and Tanya Wood and Janet Pederson tied for 3rd.

Ladies Funspiel, November 18th - 19th

The Annual Ladies hotshots competition sponsored by Underfoot Flooring was played March 22nd, 2016 with 21 ladies participating.

The results were:

1st: Joan Cameron with 18 points (out of a potential 30)
2nd: Sandra Blenkhorn with 17 points
3rd: Alice Duxbury with 16 points

Thanks to Rhonda Perry (Underfoot Flooring) for organizing. Everyone had a great time. Congratulations Joan!


Rhonda Perry (Underfoot Flooring) & Joan Cameron

Rhonda Perry (Underfoot Flooring) & Joan Cameron


The Carter’s Cresting Funspeil is coming up soon, register today! See the poster below for details.


Attention Ladies!!

On Tuesday October 21st @7 pm there will be a meeting at the club about the Ladies Cater’s Cresting bonspiel. All ladies of the club are encouraged to be at the meeting in order to give input and hear what has been planned to date.

Hello Ladies, the 2013-14 voting list is ready for you. Please go to the site below and get your list. Chris has put all the information you need on the page. See you soon :)

Amherst Business Ladies Voting List 2013

The Ladies had their closing Banquet at Bella’s Café last night. (April 2nd, 2013)

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Alan Perry (Underfoot Flooring) is seen here presenting this years Hotshots trophy to Stephanie Morris. ACC wants to thank Underfoot Flooring for their continued support of the Ladies Hotshots. They have been supporting this event for close to 10 years!!!!

Congratulations Steph  :)