Watch the Men’s final match (team Jackson vs. team Manual) at the 2017 Nova Scotia AMJ Campbell Under 21 Men’s Championship hosted by the Amherst Curling Club.

Team Manuel: (4) Matthew Manuel, (3) Adam Cocks, (2) Nick Zachernuk, (1) Alec Cameron, (C) Stu Cameron
Team Jackson: (4) Matt Jackson, (3) Greg Rafuse, (2) Brett Dorey, (1) Scott Graham, (C) Dale Rafuse

Mixed Doubles CurlingAn Introduction to Mixed Doubles Curling

Mixed Doubles Curling is a relatively new fun format of Curling, only requires two players per team and can be played in about an hour!

The first player delivers the first and last stones and second player plays the second, third and fourth stones. If they choose to, the two players may swap positions from one end to the next and sweeping can only the two players can sweep.

Perhaps one of the major difference between regular curling and mixed doubles curling is the positioning of two stones that get set before the beginning of each end.  These positioned stones that are placed before the beginning of each end are also eligible to be counted in the scoring.

You can download official curling rules for mixed doubles here and the video below contains a good overview on Mixed Doubles Curling.

Want to try Mixed Doubles Curling? Then drop by the club on Tuesdays at 7 PM.


Christmas at Amherst Curling ClubChristmas at Amherst Curling Club

Join us at the Amherst Curling Club on Friday December 16th 6-8 PM where we will come together to celebrate Christmas at the Curling Club. There will be a festive fire on and Christmas music playing in the background. Open to curling club members and guests.

Please bring an appetizer or finger food, or as an alternative to that, a small gift for the club to put under the tree. Note: there are currently tags on the Christmas tree with stuff that the club needs.